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The Replicate Project launches the City To City 2019 Learning Programme


The Replicate project has already launched the City to City Learning Programme, within the framework of its replication strategy. Led by the University of Oxford and with the participation of the Lighthouse cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol and the Follower cities, Lausanne, Essen and Nilüfer, the program’s objective is to reveal the details of what it has already been accomplished and to enable the replication process in other cities.




The REPLICATE Project has been presented in many events and has presented the annual results to the European Commission


The Replicate project has participated in several events during the year and has celebrated various internal workshops as well as face to face Executive Board meetings and the project 3rd General Assembly.


City-To-City Learning Programme 2019
Replicate EU lighthouse project (#Replicate EU) is working on its Replication main activity entitled ‘City-to-City-Learning’ Programme (#City2CityLearning) led by the University of Oxford with the participation of the lighthouse (San Sebastian, Florence, and Bristol) and follower/fellow (Essen, Lausanne, and Nilüfer) cities and their related multistakeholder framework that would take place during the whole year 2019. Within this #City2CityLearning programme a wide range of activities will be shared among stakeholders in the aforementioned cities in internal sessions via webinars.

Thus, #City2CityLearning programme is designed to be a private programme among Replicate stakeholders. Nevertheless, it will be entirely and publicly accessible just after each Webinar session upon registration. Looking forward to receiving your registration to the sessions you would like to watch.

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