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Bristol, United Kingdom

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Smart City Test Bed – a network infrastructure at a city scale.

Bristol Is Open (BIO) is a joint venture between the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council. It was initially funded by the local, national and European governments. BIO is an R&D test bed for experimentation around connectivity and IoT and Smart City solutions at a city scale.

Responsibility and involvement in REPLICATE

Bristol Is Open (BiO) is involved in the Bristol Pilot and are responsible for helping the project’s technology to connect and work together.

Specific activities

Bristol is Open are involved in different tasks of the REPLICATE project such as:

  • The integration of demonstration IT systems with ICT Smart City Platform concept. During this task, the demonstrated IT systems in Bristol will be integrated with the ICT Smart City Platform concept. This will involve a large number of actions that will include from the deployment of the infrastructure (BiO) to the demonstration/integration of the Smart City Platform with different ICT services such as:
    • Network/computing resources; through optical fibre links (the core) and wireless connections (access points/network).
    • Sensors and actuators through wireless solutions provided on the platform.
    • Defining the interfaces for enabling existing or enhancing customer premises IoT connectivity.
  • Active input into the creation of a set of software defined networking tools, development of the core Network Operating System (NetOS™) for network control and virtualization, prototype demonstration of the Smart City Platform (FIWARE and NetOS) and integration with different ICT services.

They will also work together with other project partners to for example:

  • Feed requirements to inform Creation of different sets of tools for the Software Defined Control.
  • Enable Integration of the NetOS with the FIWARE platform using well-defined FIWARE standards.
  • Investigate different approaches for the integration of FIWARE in physical or virtual infrastructures.
  • Capturing requirements and developing solutions or making changes to BIO to enable connections into BIO.
  • Provide a capability to capture and host experimental data for agreed project partners.