Replicate’s Final Review Meeting

On April 23rd, 2021, the final review meeting of the REPLICATE project was celebrated


On Friday 23rd April the results of the project were presented in the online Review Meeting, to the INEA/European Commission. It was a great chance to introduce all the work done during the last period as well as the impacts achieved. Their feedback after analysis of the documents and presentations from the meeting has been positive reaching Replicate the achieved objectives.

During each meeting, leader partners of the project presented the activities carried out and answered the questions of the Project Officer and the review expert. Fomento San Sebastian, coordinator of REPLICATE project offered an overview of the project, presented the main facts and shared the results achieved.

The three lighthouse cities presented the achievements and impacts that have generated the implementations in San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol. These actions have promoted and achieved CO2 emissions reduction, noise reduction, improvement on public transport, increase of comfort in the houses, better connectivity, security improvement and job creation, among others. Citizen engagement has been key in the deployment of the actions and has led to the involvement of citizens in municipal decisions and the increase of the city “green image” perception of the citizens. The actions deployed and impacts generated have contributed to increase the quality of life of the citizens.

During the review meeting, cross cutting activities were presented by the leader of each work package who showed the work and results achieved. University of Exeter was focused on the Strategic Planning and Business Models work developed and SPES shared the Cross-Cutting activities analysis and scale up study done in the three lighthouse cities.  Esade was focused on the presentation of the Exploitation of Results and the analysis of the Industrial Business Plans that has been developed.
Tecnalia presented the Integrated infrastructures, and ICT Platforms analysis done in the project framework and the monitoring activities carried out as the leader of the monitoring work package.

The three fellow cities, involved from the beginning in the project, Essen, Nilüfer and Lausanne shared their experiences and lessons learnt and University of Oxford, leader of the replication activities in the fellow cities was in charge of sharing the main facts of Replication plans in the fellow cities.

Technomar leader of Communication and Dissemination work package shared the impacts of the communication and dissemination activities and presented some of the main activities of the last period


The final remarks and conclusions were carried out by the European Commission that highlighted the excellent work done and results achieved and encouraged all the partners to continue working in the development of smart cities.


The REPLICATE project coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastian, is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission contract number 691.735 in the SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities call.