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The REPLICATE EU Lighthouse project (#ReplicateEU) is working on its Replication main activity entitled ‘City-to-CityLearning Programme 2019′ (#City2CityLearning) led by the University of Oxford with the participation of the Lighthouse (San Sebastián, Florence, and Bristol) and follower/fellow (Essen, Lausanne, and Nilüfer) cities and their related multitaskholder framework that would take place during the whole year of 2019.


     2. NOTE: Private session among the Replicate cities’ stakeholders and public offline session beyond Replicate project consortium

The ‘#City2CityLearning’ programme aims at:

  • Initially, prioritising and fostering a unique learning process through the interaction and conversations among a diverse set of stakeholders in the six Replicate cities (San Sebastián, Essen, Florence, Lausanne, Bristol, and Nilüfer) through six Webinar Sessions.
  • Consequently, sharing the whole content publicly available in open access under the license Creative Commons, for those agents interested in the content (prior their registration in this site) sparking a remarkable discussion beyond the Replicate project.



Thus, #City2CityLearning programme is designed to be a private programme among Replicate stakeholders. Nevertheless, it will be entirely and publicly accessible just after each Webinar session upon registration. Looking forward to receiving your registration to the sessions you would like to watch.



In order to ensure broadly an interactive discussion, the hashtag #City2CityLearning in the Twitter channel, will be used to facilitate these conversations not only among Replicate stakeholders but also beyond the Replicate consortium as well. Stay tuned!

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