An integrated strategy for a first smart district to be replicated and scaled up to create a better city for a better life.

Bristol City Council is the lead partner for the Bristol pilot and is responsible for project management and coordination. The Bristol pilot explored how technology could help tackle inequalities, such as how smart homes could help ease fuel poverty and how electric bikes could help people to be more active and have more choice in how to travel.

REPLICATE offers an opportunity for people in Bristol to test “tomorrow’s technology today”, learning about and becoming familiar with new technologies that will become increasingly commonplace. The project contributes towards Bristol’s ambition to be carbon neutral and run entirely on clean energy by 2050.

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Bristol deployed a number of smart Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Mobility and ICT & Infrastructures solutions in the neighbourhoods of Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill:


Energy Efficiency



Building Retrofitting: 160 measures installed to 151 Homes.

Smart Homes: 151 homes have had smart appliances installed.

Engagement activities: Design, testing and evaluation of the solution.

District Heating: Linking together the operational Heat Network connecting 13 social housing blocks with a new network.

Renewable energies: Installation of a 130kW PV to a Lawrence Hill bus depot and 30 Solar PV installations for home owners.



Sustainable Mobility



E-bikes: 12 electric bikes delivered to 6 organisations.

E-vehicles: Deployment of 11 electric vehicles (EV).

Electric taxi-bus: Deployment of 1 electric taxi-bus.

Transport Infrastructure Adaptation: Deployment of 24 charge points.

TravelWest Journey Planner Development: Easy access to alternative and greener travel options.

ParkUs Parking App: A parking app that helps you find a free car parking space quickly and conveniently before you travel.



ICT & Infrastructures




Smart Grid: Save on total energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints.

Energy Demand Management System: Solutions for helping use electricity more efficiently.




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