Final results

The European project, Renaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnology (REPLICATE) is framed in the H2020 research and innovation programme, energy challenge. The objective has been the transition process towards the development of Smart Cities in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and ICTs and Infrastructures, accelerating the rollout of innovative technologies and improving citizens’ quality of life. The project has been coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastian and implemented in 3 lighthouse cities, Donostia / San Sebastián, Florence and Bristol.

The public-private cooperation in the project has promoted the development and validation of different kind of exploitable results un 4 areas of knowledge: energy efficiency, ICT and smart infrastructures, sustainable mobility and citizens engagement.

In the next document, the consortium present the principal exploitable results of the project, the characteristics of these results and the partner responsible of the development and responsible for a future exploitation.

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Regarding the completion of the REPLICATE project, some videos have been created to show the results of the implementations, in this case separated by Lighthouse Cities: