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UWE Bristol has expertise in respect of monitoring and evaluating all three types of intervention and understanding the relevant business models.



Energy Efficient Buildings

UWE Bristol is a University Alliance university with a common mission to make the difference to cities and regions. They use their experience of providing high quality teaching and research with real world impact to shape higher education and research policy for the benefit of our students and business and civic partners. They innovate together, learn from each other and support every member to transform lives and deliver growth.

Responsibility and involvement in REPLICATE

UWE Bristol is contributing the Bristol Pilot, within which it is undertaking planning, coordinating and analysis tasks towards effective monitoring and evaluation of the implementations. UWE Bristol is also contributing to the cross-cutting analyses to support scale-up and replication.

Specific activities

UWE Bristol is preparing evaluation plans for each demonstration considering both quantitative indicators as well as qualitative information necessary to understand the effects of the implementations. The demonstrations include energy and mobility initiatives as well as ICT applications in the mobility sector. Once established, each plan will be followed with the collection of data from continuous monitors (such as electricity meters), recording systems (such as vehicle booking systems), and specific investigations (surveys of users, interviews with stakeholders).

In addition, UWE Bristol will assist in the analysis of the city experiences with a view to assessing their practicality and cost-effectiveness for replication elsewhere, as well as the development of a business-model road map for delivery.