On April 23rd, 2021, the final review meeting of the REPLICATE project was celebrated On Friday 23rd April the results of the project were presented in the online Review Meeting, to the INEA/European Commission. It was a great chance to introduce all the work done during the last period as […]

Replicate’s Final Review Meeting

After 5 years of activity, the European REPLICATE project comes to an end and shares the results obtained The European project, Renaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnology (REPLICATE) is framed in the H2020 research and innovation programme, energy challenge. The objective has been the transition process towards the […]


REPLICATE project has come to the end. On March 26, 2021, REPLICATE project, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, organised the final conference, in online format The final conference was a great opportunity to present the achievements of the project that started in February 2016 and has ended in January 2021. […]

REPLICATE’s Final Conference

REPLICATE project has come to the end. On March 23, 2021, REPLICATE project, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, organised its last General Assembly, in online format The 38 partners took part in the final General Assembly organised in online format, presenting the actions carried out and sharing the final results […]

REPLICATE’s last General Assembly

Here is the agenda of REPLICATE’s final event, the last conference, to be held on Friday, March 26, online: Registration form 26th 2021 March: BLOCK III: City to City Learning 12:00-12:20 – Moderator: Igor Calzada, University of Oxford. • Essen. Kai Lipsius, Essen City Council. • Nilüfer. Baha Kuban, Demir […]

Replicate Final Conference – Agenda 26th ...

REPLICATE project has come to the end. After 5 years of collaboration and hard work we would like to share the achievements of Replicate thanks to the efforts from all the partners. This is why on March 26, 2021, REPLICATE project, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, will organise the final […]


The REPLICATE project is getting ready to end its activity in early 2021 The REPLICATE Project, co-financed within the H2020 program contract number 691735 (European call SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities) and coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastian, is getting ready to come to an end on January 31, 2021. […]


Summary of the participation of Replicate to different events during the year 2020 The REPLICATE Project, co-financed within the H2020 program contract number 691735 (European call SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities) and coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastian, has carried out and participated in various communication activities. The beginning of […]


During the next days October 20 and 21, REPLICATE will be represented at the European Week of Regions and Cities The 18th European Week of Regions and Cities is taking place and the REPLICATE Project, co-financed by the H2020 programme, contract number 691735 (SCC1 European Call for Smart Cities and […]


#WeMoveSmart is the new social media campaign launched on occasion of the European Mobility Week (16 – 22 September 2020) by the cities involved in EU-funded smart cities projects. The goal? Inviting citizens to share pictures, videos or short stories on their sustainable way to move around. On the occasion […]

Smart Cities celebrate the European Mobility ...

On Thursday 16th of July 2020, REMOURBAN celebrated its 3rd final conference and the REPLICATE project was there REPLICATE project,  co-financed by the H2020 programme, contract number 691735 (SCC1 European Call for Smart Cities and Communities) and coordinated by Fomento San Sebastian,was represented at the REMOURBAN’S third final conference. REMOURBAN, […]


Discover some facts about implementations and activities developed by project partners The different newsletters launched by Replicate during its project lifetime include a section about interviews to project partners in which different deployments are described. REPLICATE, a co-financed by the H2020 programme contract number 691735 (SCC1 European Call for Smart […]


The City-to-City-Learning Programme comes to a successful end after six sequential and gradually accumulated sessions led by each REPLICATE city City-to-City-Learning Programme is the core replication strategy and its preparation kicked-off at the early beginning of Replicate project in 2016. The programme has been led by the University of Oxford […]

Summary on the City-to-City-Learning Programme

It was held In Barcelona from November 19 to 21 and the REPLICATE Project was present Replicate project was present in the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona from November 19th to 21st. It is estimated that 24.399 visitors, 1.010 exhibitors, 146 countries, more than 700 cities and […]

SCEWC19: REPLICATE shared experiences in the ...

The whole consortium of the REPLICATE Project (39 partners), met from 28th to 31st of October 2019 in Florence to present the results to the European Commission in the Review Meeting and to celebrate the project´s 4th General Assembly.     The Replicate project is a co-financed by the H2020 […]

4th General Assembly of the Replicate ...

The REPLICATE project participated in the IoTSWC2018 event at the hand of Eurohelp, consortium member and San Sebastian´s pilot partner With more than 300 exhibitors and 16.000 visitors, the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress 2018 (IoTSWC2018) is the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) event. Held in Barcelona on […]

The REPLICATE project was represented by ...

From the 23rd to the 26th of October 2018, the entire consortium of the REPLICATE project will come together in the project’s Lighthouse City Bristol. The consortium members will discuss the project progress and the next upcoming activities the project and will present the project results to the European Comission […]

REPLICATE consortium will meet in Bristol ...

From 25-27 September 2018, the fourth Nordic Edge Expo & Conference took place in Stavanger, Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event showcasing the latest innovative solutions from the Smart City community and thus the ideal meeting place for the project partners of the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and […]

Smart with a Heart: Bringing Together ...

EIP-SCC General Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria
The European Union’s EIP-SCC Marketplace, a key initiative for achieving social and economic sustainability in cities across Europe, brought it’s 2018 General Assembly to Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 27th and the 28th of June. During this year’s event an onsite matchmaking programme designed to stimulate investment in civic improvements made […]

The REPLICATE Project joined the EIP-SCC ...

The Executive Committee of the European project REPLICATE (Reinaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and Technology) coordinated and led by Fomento San Sebastián, met last week in Nilüfer, Turkey. The meeting, in which the project’s latest developments from this last period were analyzed, took place from the 30th to the […]

The REPLICATE project, led by Fomento ...

Fomento San Sebastián, dependant entity for the Economic Promotion of the city of San Sebastián – Donostia, has submitted the European Lighthouse project REPLICATE on the Smart City Congress held during the days of the 30th to the 31st in Madrid. The Basque experience was given by Fomento San Sebastián’s […]

San Sebastián presents the European Lighthouse ...

Executive Board Meeting at Nilüfer this May 30, 2018
The Replicate Project’s work-package leaders and partners will meet to celebrate an Executive Board Meeting in the project’s Follower City of Nilüfer, Turkey. The event will take place from the 30th to the 31th of May, 2018. Share List

The Replicate Project’s Executive Board Meeting

SCC01 H2020 LH City projects signing a collaboration efforts manifesto at the Portuguese Smart Cities Summit
The Replicate Project (co-funded by the H2020 programme) took part in the Scc01 H2020 Projects Meeting between the days of the 11th and 13th of April 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. During the meeting Lighthouse City Representatives had the chance to participate in a series of workshops as well as discussing […]

The Replicate Project participated in the ...

Fomento San Sebastián on the Forum des Projects Urbains
Fomento San Sebastián (council of economic development of the Lighthouse city of San Sebastián) showcased the Replicate Lighthouse city project of the H2020 programme (SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities) in the Forum for Urban Projects held in Bordeaux this past April the 4th, 2018. The forum, targeted mainly at a […]

Fomento San Sebastián showcases San Sebastian ...

Firenze Bio Fair - Simple City Event
During the 23rd and 24th of March 2018, the Replicate Project took part in the SIMPLE CITY event in Florence’s Firenze BIO fair. Inside the Firenze BIO Fair, dedicated to deepening the understanding on issues related to our general well-being (nutrition, education, safety, etc), a number of conferences, tastings, cooking […]

The Replicate Project was represented in ...

Smart City Connect Kansas City
Fomento San Sebastián took part on the Smart Cities Connect Congress, together with many other municipalities, research centers and big business associates from the United States of America in Kansas City. Event attendees had the chance to learn about San Sebastián’s Smart planning strategies aiming towards a vision of progress: […]

The LH City of San Sebastián ...

Replicate EU Industry Day thumb
The Replicate project, represented by Bristol Lighthouse City and San Sebastián’s pilot partner Eurohelp Consulting, took part in the European Union’s Industry Day in Brussels during the 22nd and 23rd of February. This year’s European Union’s Industry day was a two part event composed by a series of talks held […]

The Replicate project took part in ...

Horizon 2020 2018 Replicate thumbnail
The Horizon 2020 Information Seminar, organized in cooperation with the Marmara Municipal Associations (MBB) and the European Union, was held on January the 30th 2018. Our project partner and follower city of Nilüfer took part in the seminar presenting the Replicate project and explaining the process of becoming a Follower […]

Replicate’s Representatives from Nilüfer presented Replicate ...

Replicate Replication workshop Brussels INEA
On Friday, the 26th of January 2018, members and representatives from our Lighthouse and Follower cities, along with the replication leaders, completed the Replication workshop “Learning from the Successful” at INEA’s headquarters in Brussels. Accompanied by other representatives from over 40 different Smart Cities and other Horizon2020 projects; members from […]

Replication Workshop “Learning from the Successful” ...

Replicate Brussels January 26 2018
How can Lighthouse City Smart Solutions be replicated in Follower Cities? The SCC Replication Workshop held at INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) in the city of Brussels aims to answer this imposing question on the 26th of January 2018. A hundred people from the SCC01 Lighthouse projects and members […]

EVENT ALERT: Learning From the Successful ...

Replicate Newsletter #2 image
The Replicate project’s latest newsletter was launched on the 18th of January 2018; giving all it’s subscribers access to the latest news and information about the project. 2017 has been a year full of excitement for the Replicate project: Our Lighthouse and Follower cities have been working around the clock […]

January 2018 Newsletter Launched

Replicate Team at the Barcelona 2017 Smart City Expo
On November the 14th the Replicate project joined the SCC1 Lighthouse Projects stand in the Barcelona Smart City Expo Congress. The Replicate project covering 3 lighthouse cities and 3 follower cities across Europe came together at the 7th Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona from November the 14th […]

Replicate project attends the Smart City ...