REPLICATE’s last General Assembly


REPLICATE project has come to the end. On March 23, 2021, REPLICATE project, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, organised its last General Assembly, in online format


The 38 partners took part in the final General Assembly organised in online format, presenting the actions carried out and sharing the final results of the REPLICATE project.

Each work package leader was in charge of sharing the outcomes of each of the 11 work packages in which the project was organised. Fomento San Sebastian coordinator of the project presented the final aspects in regards to the Project Management. The 3 Lighthouse Cities San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol shared the actions carried out in each lighthouse city, answered several questions and discussed about related topics.

Final results of REPLICATE available through this link

After them it was the turn of Tecnalia, that presented the outcomes of the work package about integrated infrastructures and ICT platforms.

SPES Consulting, talked about the Scalability and Replicability Plans and the work done among the lighthouse cities. During the block dedicated to Replication work package, University of Oxford presented the main aspects of the WP, the methodology implemented and replication plans in the fellow cities of Essen, Lausanne and Nilüfer were discussed. Before the lunch break, WP2, University of Exeter, in charge of the work related to strategic planning, city business models and funding had 20 minutes to speak and answer questions related to the work done.

After lunch, it was the turn of the remaining work packages: Esade Business School, showcased the outcomes obtained in the exploitation of results and industrial Business Plans work package (WP9). Tecnalia, leader in Monitoring shared experiences about the monitoring methodology implemented and the work carried out.

Technomar presented the main figures about Communication and Dissemination of the project and the main actions carried out during the last period.


During the 5 years of project lifetime work package leaders and project partners have met in many cities and events and have shared REPLICATE work and experiences, it has been sad not having the chance to have a face to face goodbye meeting that was initially planned to be celebrated in San Sebastián.

As a farewell a video dedicated to the partners was played during the meeting, showing the activity and hard work carried out during the REPLICATE lifetime. Everyone was thanked for their dedication. To finish the event, an emotional toast was made.


If you want to have more information about actions, implementations and results, you can check the webpage.