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Newsletter Bristol Replicate 2017





12 electric bikes delivered to 6 organisations





Twelve electric bikes (e-bikes) have been successfully delivered by Co-wheels to six organisations in Bristol, that have staff who travel regularly in the area as part of their daily work around Bristol.

The e-bikes are being monitored throughout the research project and the data gathered is being used to inform solutions for how people can move around the city in energy efficient ways.

The University of Bristol has developed a customised monitoring system for the electric bikes that includes a GPS and access to the diagnostics system to report its environmental and social benefits.







Deployment of 11 electric vehicles (EV)






The deployment of 11 electric vehicles (EV) has been included into Co-wheels‘ car club fleet.

These cars have a tracker for monitoring processes to gather data on how pollution and energy consumption can be reduced by its use.

Working with University of West England and University of Bristol on the monitoring of cars and bikes.







Electric taxi-bus

WeGo: The electric taxi-bus



WeGo is an electric taxi-bus that provides convenient journeys in a vehicle shared with other passengers at an affordable price. It is an event based service delivered in an electric, zero emissions, Hackney cab.

It can be secured by event organisers to make it available to people attending the event by sharing the link on their website or through other relevant means. They just need to contact Esoterix on

It costs £1.



Charging points

24 charging points have been deployed

This initiative includes the deployment of 24 on street and off street charge points.

10 on streets charge points are for specific use of the car club and the other 14 off street ones are for citizen use.

This will promote the use of electric vehicles and sustainable transport.




TravelWest Journey Planner Development

Easy access to alternative and greener travel options



It allows people to plan the whole journey from start to finish combining different travel options together.

It offers people in the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill area an easy access to alternative and greener travel options.

Simply set your start and end journey points and travel preferences: walking, cycling, driving, bus or train. The travel tool will offer different combinations of travel.

Go to the TravelWest Journey Planner website in your phone or computer and start planning your journey, no need of registration.



ParkUs Parking App

A parking app that helps you find a free car parking space quickly and conveniently before you travel





Toshiba Research Labs have developed ParkUs, a parking app that helps you find a free car parking space quickly and conveniently before you travel.

Its objective is to cut the amount of time people spend driving around looking for a car parking space, so the amount of fuel, money and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Made by Toshiba Research Labs, it is available as a free download from Google Play.

It is being trialed in the Easton area of Bristol.





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