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The city of Florence (of approximately 382,000 inhabitants), in Italy, is the capital of the region of Tuscany. Well known worldwide for its artistic and architectural heritage, and apart from being recognized as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is also science and technology.


An integrated strategy aiming at implementing the Smart City Plan in a smart district to be replicated and scaled up at metropolitan level. The area has been selected because of:


  • Mix of uses: industrial settlements dismissed (ex Fiat, Manifattura Tabacchi) and tertiary activities (University campus, Justice Court, Mercarfir wholesale chain market…).
  • Residential area: 5000 m2 constructed area/6000 buildings.
  • Novoli urban park close to Cascine, the biggest park of the city.
  • Strategic mobility area: city’s new entrance, transport infrastructures (airport, stations, highway, tramlines, mix mode parking lots, bike paths…).

Towards an eco district: taking care of the environment and to city users thanks to the innovation. The process will be implemented integrating the three technological areas (energy, e-mobility and ICT) exploiting synergies.




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