Newsletter San Sebastian Replicate 2017


  • 200 hectares of surface
  • Residential area, 20.000 inhabitants (Txomin, Antzieta, Martutene)
  • Industrial Park (Poligono 27), over 350 companies and 4500 people
  • Largest green park of the city (Ametzagaina)

The district aims to become a nearly zero emissions district, a district branding in sustainability, thanks to the different interventions of the Replicate project, which seek an integrated strategy aiming for a smart district. The transition process will be enhanced in three areas: Energy Efficiency, Sustainable mobility and ICT /infrastructures actions.

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Building Retrofitting San Sebastian Replicate

Building Retrofitting

  • 156 buildings and 34 commercial premises along 10 doorways will be retrofitted
  • The retrofitting will include: façade, roof and ground floor insulation and window replacement
  • The connection of the dwellings to the District Heating will also be done

District Heating No Icons San Sebastian Replicate

District Heating

  • Service to more than 1.500 new properties and 156 existing dwellings.
  • Latest generation model solution adopted is two Biomass boilers and two gas boilers.
  • Power plant with 7400kw power, with two 1400kw biomass boilers.
  • Renewable energy supply: biomass. Energy picks will be covered by gas.
  • The power plant development started in autumn 2017.
  • Service owned by San Sebastián City Council, through its public company, Fomento de San Sebastián. Public private partnership.
Environmental Benefits
  • Reduction of 35% in primary energy consumption
  • 90% of the energy renewable
  • CO2 emissions will be reduced by 75%
Advantages for users
  • Greater guarantees for quality of service and prices

Demand Side Platform

  • Monitorisation of residents’ consumption will be done fostering sustainable behaviour.


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Electric Buses

Complete electrification of a public bus line, linking the district with the city centre.

  • Bus line with 2 electric and 2 hybrid buses. Electric buses: Irizar i2e brand.
  • Installation of 2 charging stations in the DBUS depot.


2 electric-buses 99.108 km done


Emission reduction of 118,93 tCO2 (1.200 grCO2/km)

From July 2016-July 2017

Municipal Mobility e-vehicle San Sebastian Replicate

Municipal EV fleet deployment

  • Acquisition of 4 EVs for municipal fleet. 3 Citroen Zero for maintenance and surveillance and1 KIA Soul for municipal corporation
  • Acquisition of 6 e-motos for mobility agents
  • Parking and recharging infrastructure for the e-motos deployed


2 e-motos 9,886 km done

Emission reduction 0,96 tCO2 (97,12 grCO2/km)

From February 2017- July 2017


4 e-cars 11.377 km

Emission reduction 1,71 tCO2 (150 grCO2/km)

From May 2017 to July 2017

e-moto San Sebastian Replicate

Private EV fleet deployment

  • E-taxis: working with 2 taxi associations. Tests with different brands: Mercedes, Nissan, Renault and Hyunday.
  • 5 EV distribution fleet: Green Emblem for distribution Fleet assessed
  • Monitoring associated to the expected acquisition of EVs

Smart Mobility Platform

  • First visualization of the platform done
  • Data ingestion from mobile services
  • Aggregated data about the urban mobility to produce services of interest for cities and telephone companies

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    • Big steps have been done in the development of the Smart City Platform
    • Open data platform and services deployment has started
    • Citizen Participation Platform (to manage and foster citizen participation processes), to be launched

Citizen Participation Efforts San Sebastian Replicate

    • High Speed Mobile Network deployment for the whole city. Fomento San Sebastian is responsible for Municipal telecommunications Infrastructure. The network is deployed in the entire city.
    • Intelligent Public Lighting System and IP services in Poligono 27: the replacement of 90 sodium-vapour luminaries with LED technology has been done.

Smart Lighting San Sebastian Replicate


Consumption reduction of 7.494 kW


2.675 kgCO2 emissions avoided to atmosphere

From May 2017 to July 2017

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