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The conference will include plenary sessions with high-level representatives from Covenant of Mayors initiative, the investment community, and the European Commission. Share List

Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

EU Industry Day 2018 - Project Replicate
On February the 22nd and 23rd the Replicate project will take part in the European Union’s Industry Day exhibition , in Brussels, Belgium. The European Union’s Industry Day event is a series of conferences and exhibitions centered towards one particular goal: updating stakeholders on the Commission’s strategic approach to industrial […]

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Replicate Brussels January 26 2018
How can Lighthouse City Smart Solutions be replicated in Follower Cities? The SCC Replication Workshop held at INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) in the city of Brussels aims to answer this imposing question on the 26th of January 2018. A hundred people from the SCC01 Lighthouse projects and members […]

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Replicate Newsletter #2 image
The Replicate project’s latest newsletter was launched on the 18th of January 2018; giving all it’s subscribers access to the latest news and information about the project. 2017 has been a year full of excitement for the Replicate project: Our Lighthouse and Follower cities have been working around the clock […]

January 2018 Newsletter Launched

Nottingham will host next smart cities collaboration meeting on March 23rd and 24th Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Trent University will be leading a Study Tour on Thursday March 23rd, in which all attendees from the European Commission, INEA and nine Smart City lighthouse projects –Remourban, GrowSmarter, Triangulum, Replicate, SharingCities, […]

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The REPLICATE project team hosted a successful General Assembly meeting in Bristol last week. The two-day meeting was a chance for Bristol City Council to bring together partners from the REPLICATE project consortia to learn from each other and help bring the five-year project to life. Those attending represented a […]

Bristol hosts REPLICATE Project’s first General ...

REPLICATE Project’s annual General Assembly will take place this year in Bristol from February 1st to 3rd and it is aim to be a three days meeting to overview the progress made during this past year in the lighthouse cities – San Sebastian (Spain), Florence (Italy) and Bristol (United Kingdom), […]

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Bristol pilot project has been recognised at the European-wide Green Digital Charter Awards. The Green Digital Charter aims to celebrate smart city projects from around Europe and this year the award ceremony took place during the ‘Cities in Transition – the role of digital in shaping our future cities’ conference […]

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San Sebastian, 24 January 2016. The SS team is getting ready for the next General Assembly in Bristol, as they have had their 4th overview meeting. During this day, they have discussed varied topics related to the progress of the project in this city pilot. Many partners attended, including members […]

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