REPLICATE Project team is attending Study Tour and SCC01 Clustering meeting in Nottingham

Nottingham will host next smart cities collaboration meeting on March 23rd and 24th

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Trent University will be leading a Study Tour on Thursday March 23rd, in which all attendees from the European Commission, INEA and nine Smart City lighthouse projects –Remourban, GrowSmarter, Triangulum, Replicate, SharingCities, SmartEnCity, SmarterTogether, Ruggedised and MySmartLife- will have the opportunity to capture improvements made in Nottingham’s Sneinton district, regarding public transport system and retrofitting program. There will also be a series of workshops to discuss on topics related to smart city indicators, innovative business models and integrated planning for accelerating the urban transition.

In addition to this, the Study Tour will host the ceremony of the signature of the Lighthouse Projects Cooperation Manifesto, a formal collaboration agreement among the Lighthouse Projects.

On March 24th, an SCC01 clustering meeting will be held as part of the European Innovation Partnership on SCC and the Smart Cities Information System. This activity aims to be carried out with the coordination between all nine lighthouse projects for the on-going task groups on joint Replication, Dissemination & Communication and Business Models plans.

REPLICATE Project coordinator Fomento de San Sebastián and other partners, such as Bristol City Council, Esade Business School and Technomar will take part in this two-day programme.