Public Deliverables – Download

These reports by REPLICATE Consortium members can be reused under the CC-BY 4.0 license. (
WP1 REPLICATE_D1.1 Project Management Plan v1
WP1 REPLICATE_D1.2 Project Management Plan v2
WP1 REPLICATE_D1.3 Project Management Plan v3
WP2 REPLICATE_D2.2_Report on the Business Models of the Lighthouse Cities
WP3 REPLICATE_D3.10 Report on High Speed Mobile Network
WP3 REPLICATE_D3.11 Smart Lightning
WP5 REPLICATE_D5.8 Travelwest Journey Planner
WP9 REPLICATE_D9.3 Sectorial Business Analysis – exploitation potential
WP10 REPLICATE_D10.1 Report on indicators for monitoring at project level
WP10 REPLICATE_D10.2 Report on indicators for monitoring at city level
WP11 REPLICATE_D11.1 Communication Plan
WP11 REPLICATE_D11.4 Project Web Page
WP11 REPLICATE_D11.5 Communication Material
WP11 REPLICATE_D11.8 Innovation Spaces