Public Deliverables – Download

These reports by REPLICATE Consortium members can be reused under the CC-BY 4.0 license.



WP1 – REPLICATE_D1.1 Project Management Plan v1  –  REPLICATE_D1.1

WP1 – REPLICATE_D1.2 Project Management Plan v2  –  REPLICATE_D1.2

WP1 – REPLICATE_D1.3 Project Management Plan v3  –  REPLICATE_D1.3

WP1 – REPLICATE_D1.24 Report of the Advisory Board  –  REPLICATE_D1.3


WP2 – REPLICATE_D2.2 Report on the Business Models of the Lighthouse Cities  –  REPLICATE_D2.2


WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.3 Report on DH construction including the maintenance program  –  REPLICATE_D3.6

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.6 Report on the deployment of EVs in the city of San Sebastian  –  REPLICATE_D3.6

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.7 Report on the deployment of charging infrastructure in the city of San Sebastian –  REPLICATE_D3.7

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.8 Report on the use of the ITS –  REPLICATE_D3.8

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.9 Use of Big Data for mobility services  –  REPLICATE_D3.9

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.10 Report on High Speed Mobile Network  –  REPLICATE_D3.10

WP3 – REPLICATE_D3.11 Smart Lightning  –  REPLICATE_D3.11


WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.3 Pilot action progress report year 2 –  REPLICATE_D4.8

WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.5 Pilot action progress report year 3 –  REPLICATE_D4.8

WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.6 ICT Pilot Architecture –  REPLICATE_D4.8

WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.7 Replicate Platform –  REPLICATE_D4.8

WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.8 Replicate dashboard software  –  REPLICATE_D4.8

WP4 – REPLICATE_D4.9 Replicate APPs V1 –  REPLICATE_D4.8



WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.2 Connection of a 13 block (700 flats) district heating network to a gas CHP energy centre  –  REPLICATE_D5.2

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.3 Energy Demand Platform deployed to monitor energy generation and demand  –  REPLICATE_D5.3

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.5 Car Club expanded with ten Electric Vehicles  –  REPLICATE_D5.5

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.6 On–Demand EV Minibuses (Buzz) Deployed  –  REPLICATE_D5.6

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.7 Transport Infrastructure Adaptation Including EV Charge Point Installation   –  REPLICATE_D5.6

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.8 Travelwest Journey Planner  –  REPLICATE_D5.8

WP5 – REPLICATE_D5.9 Development of ICT Smart City Platform concept and of integration of demonstration IT Systems  –  REPLICATE_D5.9



WP6 – REPLICATE_D6.5 Integrated architecture and services catalogue (V2)   –  REPLICATE_D6.8

WP6 – REPLICATE_D6.7 Mobile network for Smart Cities, based on Post WIMAX infrastructure  –  REPLICATE_D6.8

WP6 – REPLICATE_D6.8 Standardization and synergies between intelligent lighting systems and ICT Smart City platform  –  REPLICATE_D6.8


WP7 – REPLICATE_D7.3 Report on technical solutions v2  –  REPLICATE_D7.3

WP7 – REPLICATE_D7.5 Report on management models v2  –  REPLICATE_D7.5


WP9 – REPLICATE_D9.3 Sectorial Business Analysis – exploitation potential  –  REPLICATE_D9.3


WP10 – REPLICATE_D10.1 Report on indicators for monitoring at project level  –  REPLICATE_D10.1

WP10 – REPLICATE_D10.2 Report on indicators for monitoring at city level  – REPLICATE_D10.2

WP10 – REPLICATE_D10.10 Yearly reports monitoring city level indicators for the three lighthouse cities (Y1)  – REPLICATE_D10.2


WP11 – REPLICATE_D11.1 Communication Plan  –  REPLICATE_D11.1

WP11 – REPLICATE_D11.4 Project Web Page  –  REPLICATE_D11.4

WP11 – REPLICATE_D11.5 Communication Material  –  REPLICATE_D11.5

WP11 – REPLICATE_D11.7 ECE/SEE Workshops  –  REPLICATE_D11.7

WP11 – REPLICATE_D11.8 Innovation Spaces  –  REPLICATE_D11.8