Main actions – Draft

Learn more information about Energy efficiency, Sustainable Mobility and ICT & Infrastructures in city districts.

Main_Actions_Energy_Mobility_ICT                              SUMMARIES OF THE LEAD CITIES



Urumea Riverside District



The district aims to become a nearly zero emissions district, a district branding in sustainability, thanks to the different interventions of the Replicate project, which seek an integrated strategy aiming for a smart district and a reference for replication. The transition process is enhanced in three areas: Energy Efficiency, Sustainable mobility and ICT & infrastructures actions.



Cascine, Novoli and Le Piagge districts





An integrated strategy aiming at implementing the Smart City Plan in a smart district to be replicated and scaled up at metropolitan level is the core of the project in Florence. The process integrates the three technological areas (energy, e-mobility and ICT) exploiting synergies acting for a better life.



Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill discricts





The project area has got air pollution and noise problems from traffic which are the highest in the city and its population is growing very fast, many new household spaces in Bristol are locating here. Bristol aims to reduce the cost and amount of energy, use more local renewable energy sources, increase health and wellbeing, engage citizens in their energy use and travel patterns to change their behaviour and contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.