Excellence in Mobility

REPLICATE implements sustainable mobility by integrating EVs, recharging systems and Information Mobility Systems.


San Sebastian Sustainable Mobility Actions


61 FEVs:

3 Electrical Buses + 2 Hybrid Buses / 20 E Motorbikes / 12 EV Taxis /12 EV Private Cars.

77 Charging Points:

12 Charging Stations / 15 Slow Charging Points / 50 Private Charging Points.

Transport Management System:

Monitoring and management of data from multiple mobility data sources (BI).

Electromobility Management:

Park and infrastructure EV large scale requires integration with EV system Information Mobility.

Mobility Related Services Provision:

Mobility Diagnosis, O/D Matrix, Traffic Heat Maps, Modal Sharing Analysis, Reporting, etc.


Florence Sustainable Mobility Actions


100 Fully Electrical Vehicles (FEV):

10 EV’s for taxi fleet.

151 Charging Points:

147 recharging stations (40 in the district).

4 innovative fast recharge stations.

Interoperational Payment System:

Control system to user information.

Advanced mobility services for citizens.



Bristol Sustainable Mobility Actions


40 FEVs:

32 E-Bikes / 6 EV Cars / 2 EV On-Demand Bus- BUXY.

24 Charging Points:

Advanced Charging Systems.

EV Charge Points in Lampposts.

Charging Stations with Batteries/ Switching.

Advanced mobility services for the users:

Personalised mobility.

EV charging optimisation.

BUXY route optimisation.