Energy efficiency

REPLICATE implements energy efficiency in order to save energy consumption proceeding to the retrofitting of building and the development of District Heating.

San Sebastian Energy Efficiency


Building retrofitting:

156 buildings and 34 commercial premises retrofitted: façade, roof and ground floor insulation and window replacement.

District Heating:

Service to more than 1.500 new properties and 156 existing dwellings. Latest generation model solution adopted is two Biomass boilers and two gas boilers.

Demand Side Platform:

Monitorisation of residents’ consumption fostering sustainable behaviour.




Florence Energy Efficiency



Retrofitting and district heating:

Social housing (energy poverty), 300 dwellings with 700 people, 20.000 m2: Shell insulation.

Smart Grid:

Functionalities on L/MV network on 2 primary and 60 secondary substations

Smart Info:

Device to monitor real time electricity consumption.

A supporting app, including heating consumption and mobility behaviors



Bristol Sustainable Energy Efficiency


Building Retrofitting:

Smart homes and retrofit.

District Heating:

Energy centre enabled connecting to new (bio)gas CHP.

Smart Grid:

Establish the high-level requirements for EV charge optimisation, overall system architecture options and operational parameters.

Renewable energies:

Opportunity to include battery storage and municipal investment.