Mobility San Sebastian

Newsletter San Sebastian Replicate 2017




Electric Buses

2 electric buses acquired and 2 charging stations installed



Electrification of the 26 public bus line that covers the route between the district and the city center.

 The line is covered with 3 electric and 3 hybrid buses (2 of the acquired were Irizar i2e brand).

Installation of 2 charging stations under Replicate funding.






Municipal EV fleet deployment

4 electric vehicles for municipal fleet and 6 e motos for mobility agents





– Acquisition of 4 EVs for municipal fleet. 3 Citroen Zero for maintenance and surveillance and1 KIA Soul for municipal corporation.

– Charging infrastructure (out of Replicate financing) and equipment for monitoring installed.

Few technical maintenance activities required.











Acquisition of 6 e-motos for mobility agents.

– Parking and recharging infrastructure for the e-motos deployed.

Nearby cities visited San Sebastian to learn about the experience.







Private EV fleet deployment





Agreements with 7 eTaxis.

Qualitative and quantitative data is being obtained:

1. Surveys for taxi users.

2. Application for mobile devices for monitoring.

– Campaign for companies and professionals launched to promote the use of electric vehicle for companies and professionals.






Smart Mobility Platform





– Sustainable transport management system. Integrating different data sources with mobility information, KPIs, reports and analytics.

– Deployment of a suite of indicators in the Smart Mobility Platform to manage the services of private and public bicycle, circulation and traffic, underground parking, public transport and electromobility.








– Real-time georeferenced monitoring and supervision functionalities, dashboards, indicators, urban mobility reports and predictions related to the aforementioned services.