ICT Florence

Newsletter Florence Replicate 2017





Local IT Systems integrated with ICT Smart City Platform concept

Smart City Control Room






Smart City Control Room Architecture: A unique platform combining dashboards on mobility, environment, resilience, social energy and policy making to manage the city.





Networking sensors and capillary networks

IoT system: Irrigation, benches, bins and totems




Realisation of IoT Smart Irrigation for the two gardens “Ex officine Galileo” and Leopolda station: wheather stations with LoraWan IoT gateway and IoT LoRaWan activation system for electrovalves and ground humidity sensor to manage irrigation.




Smart benches indoor (museum) and outdoor (gardens) with sensors, to recharge smartphone and get aware about news and events nearby.

Smart waste: after a trial in 9 bins, ALIA Servizi Ambientali Spa, the company in charge of the waste management, is reaching the goal of a sustainable and healthy waste collection.





TIM City Links (4 in total): Leverage on the old Public Telephony Cabin is providing new services (as wifi, recharging mobile, pospayment, digital signage).




Digital services

GoalGreen app and Fast Booking app




 GoalGreen app: External Web Service that can be accessed by the Energy APP through standardised APIs to construct the Energy Signature of dwellings by using very limited qualitative data.

The user is now able to record regularly the energy consumption and to compare them with a “standard” based upon an algorithm.






Fact Booking app: App to allow taxi-drivers to reserve fast-recharge columns.

Adaptation to the new regulatory framework, improvements in the back-end and preservation of the privacy of taxi-drivers.






Smart Lighting

Refurbishement of 1000 lampposts, 4 LTZ smart gates, adaptative lighting and 30 cameras





– Refurbishement of 1000 lampposts complete: as first step of a comprehensive plan of LED light system (#FIRENZECAMBIALUCE).





– 4 LTZ smart gates deployed at Cascine Park, with LED, traffic control, WiFi and anemometer.

An adaptive lighting system has been adopted in 70 lighting spots in Cascine park.

– 30 cameras have been placed.







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