Discover some facts about implementations and activities developed by project partners The different newsletters launched by Replicate during its project lifetime include a section about interviews to project partners in which different deployments are described. REPLICATE, a co-financed by the H2020 programme contract number 691735 (SCC1 European Call for Smart […]


European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is a month-long series of activities to build a secure energy future for Europe. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power. Share List

EUSEW 2020 – European Sustainable Energy ...

The URBIS Smart City Fair is a culmination of the exceptional innovative potential that exists in Brno. This is therefore an opportunity to present your technologies, visions and solutions, as well as promote the positive impact these will have on people’s lives and those who will make the decisions concerning […]

Urbis – Smart City Fair

Debate on new mobility solutions at European level. Share List

EPOMM 2020

Forum for stakeholder debate at the European, national and local levels, generating input that feeds back into policymaking and implementation. Share List

EU Green Week 2020

EIP-SCC General Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria
The European Union’s EIP-SCC Marketplace, a key initiative for achieving social and economic sustainability in cities across Europe, brought it’s 2018 General Assembly to Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 27th and the 28th of June. During this year’s event an onsite matchmaking programme designed to stimulate investment in civic improvements made […]

The REPLICATE Project joined the EIP-SCC ...