Ikusi has presented Replicate project in the Smart City Expo Latam 

Ikusi, one of the partners involved in the San Sebastián pilot, participates in Replicate project with Spider, a smart mobility platform.  Ikusi has participated in the first Smart City Expo Latam celebrated in Puebla with the attendance of representatives of 200 different cities. 

Ikusi has brought to this meeting his experience in the Replicate project, where is participating actively in the San Sebastian pilot, led by Fomento de San Sebastián.

Ikusi presented in the Smart City Expo Latam, its smart platform – Spider -, which allows to supervise and manage a large volume of data from multiple different sources and mobility operating systems in the city. Spider centralises, processes and exploits said data in a multi-modal manner, using advanced Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Big Data tools. This enables planners, operators and transport authorities to visualise the information in a simplified, ordered and straightforward way, providing them a greater insight into the real situation of mobility today. Moreover, Spider contributes to making the best possible decisions for reducing service operating costs, coordinating resources as efficiently as possible and anticipating future problems and trends.


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