TheSmartCitizen.Org writes about Replicate Project and the San Sebastian pilot

The Smart Citizen has published an article about San Sebastián pilot from Replicate as a reference in the Smart Cities: “San Sebastian: Polishing the Pearl of the Cantabria”

The article emphasizes the Replicate Project taking into account the experience regarding energy efficiency, mobility and ICTs. The development of a smart city model in these fields is presented and explained in the article, not only in San Sebastian, but also in the other lighthouse – Florence and Bristol – and following cities – Essen, Lausanne and Nilüfer -.

The Smart strategy followed by Donostia / San Sebastián with the aim to improve quality of the city is also highlighted in the article, through its referent SmartKalea Project and its public-private partnership, as well as the European “lighthouse” project Replicate, H2020 program, both coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastián.


Read the complete article here:

San Sebastián: Polishing the Pearl of the Cantabria