The Replicate Project launches the City To City 2019 Learning Programme

On one hand, the Replicate project, co-financed within the Horizon 2020, contract number 691735 (European SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities call) and coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián has already launched the City to City Learning Programme, within the framework of its replication strategy. Led by the University of Oxford and with the participation of the Lighthouse cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol and the Follower cities, Lausanne, Essen and Nilüfer, the program’s objective is to reveal the details of what it has already been accomplished and to enable the replication process in other cities.

The City to City Learning programme 2019 will organize 6 webinars among stakeholders in order to work on adaptability, scalability and singularity strategies. Each Lighthouse and Follower city will host a session related to different topics such as energy, mobility, ICT or economic development, for example. The webinars will be divided in three slots, guided by one or more experts from different project partners. The aim of the programme is to share the knowledge and experience of the collaborators involved in Replicate.

The first event will be presented on the 5th February by the San Sebastian pilot partners Leycolan, Eurohelp and Ikusi and will deal with the excellence of service provision based on data monitoring and smart management.

Although it is designed to be a private programme, all webinars will be publicly accessible after each session. In order to promote the interaction of the audience, the hashtag #City2CityLearning will be available in Twitter. In case you need further information, you can check it here.

On the other hand, the Replicate project is chairing the SCC01 Coordination during the first semester of 2019. San Sebastian will host during the 26th and 27th March an international event where the different lighthouse projects will meet. More information will be available soon.