The Lighthouse city of San Sebastian hosted City-to-City Learning 2019 Programme’s first webinar

The Replicate project, co-financed by the H2020 programme contract number 691735 (SCC1 European Call for Smart Cities and Communities) and coordinated by Fomento San Sebastian, celebrated the first webinar of its City to City Learning 2019 Programme the last 5th of February. Leycolan, Eurohelp and Ikusi (San Sebastian City pilot’s partners) shared their experience and knowledge about “Excellence of service provision based on data monitoring and smart management”.

The Replicate project is working on its replication activity entitled City to City Learning Programme (#City2CityLearning), led by the University of Oxford as the coordinator of the project’s replication activity. The programme includes 6 webinars that will take place throughout 2019, organized by the Lighthouse cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol and Follower cities Essen, Lausanne and Nilufer.

Leycolan, Eurohelp and Ikusi shared their perspectives and discussed during this first session about data exploitation, impacts and benefits as well as about the barriers and the lessons learnt in order to facilitate replication in other cities.

Leycolan presented the change from traditional lightning to intelligent connected solutions from the following point of view: the exploitation of remote-control systems and IP services which help the city saving energy and cutting costs, the possibility of using lighting pole for additional services and the use of collected data for the improvement and implementation of other services. Eurohelp shared its experiences on data interconnection between cities based on Linked Open Data, which allows linking data of the current city with data of other international cities, increasing in this way the visibility of the city and its transparency. Ikusi introduced the Smart mobility platform and the related Smart services that combines the data of different data sources offering a global view for the local decision making, which incorporates predictive tools that help in this process.

Experiences and conclusions on the future of data exploitation for the improvement of the citizenship were exchanged among the almost 25 participants. This exploitation has already been set up in the city of San Sebastian and it will continue providing benefits to it as long as it keeps on developing and exploiting data. The issue of the property and security of data also raised among the audience to which different speakers highlighted the value of establishing the processes and proceedings that ensure its protection. The three partners stood out the replicability potential of the implementations carried out in the city of San Sebastian.

Fomento San Sebastián as the coordinator of the San Sebastian pilot, as well as the coordinator of the project, gave a general view about partners’ contributions and their performances in the project and in the city. It also participated in the debate providing its opinion on the issues raised and appreciating the participation and the commitment of the different associates of San Sebastian.

The webinar is available on the project web page on the City to City Learning section and under this link.