In this webinar, IRIS will present the Smart City Business Model Canvas and illustrate how the canvas can be used to map out and analyse the business model of two Mobility as a Service solutions currently being demonstrated in the IRIS project. Share List

IRIS – Smart City Business Modelling ...

Replicate project lighthouse city of Florence, together with the Cities of Valencia and London, shared different experiences about the response of the lighthouse cities to the Covid-19 and how the lighthouse projects has contributed to this response During the last Friday, May 29, the webinar ‘The Smart City response to […]

Replicate was represented by the lighthouse ...

The City-to-City-Learning Programme comes to a successful end after six sequential and gradually accumulated sessions led by each REPLICATE city City-to-City-Learning Programme is the core replication strategy and its preparation kicked-off at the early beginning of Replicate project in 2016. The programme has been led by the University of Oxford […]

Summary on the City-to-City-Learning Programme

The organisation @IRISsmartcities in collaboration with @pocityf will organise the webinar “How numerical software tools support the creation of replication plans in smart cities energy projects” Share List

Webinar: How numerical software tools support ...

Speakers from the Triangulum Lighthouse Cities Eindhoven and Stavanger as well as a guest speaker from the new Smart City project +CityXChange will tell you more about their plans for and experiences from local innovations. Share List

Citizen Engagement in Positive Energy Districts