The #SmartCitiesHelp initiative

The #SmartCitiesHelp initiative aims to disseminate the initiatives related to COVID19 that are being carried out in cities




The 17 H2020 European Smart Cities projects joined the #SmartCitiesHelp initiative to disseminate, through social networks, the initiatives carried out in cities to contribute to the well-being of citizens during COVID19. This situation is not easy and the Smart Cities know it, that is why by the development of different actions the cities tried to become even more intelligent.

Regarding the participation process, it was as easy as posting a link to the news related to the action accompanied by the hashtag #SmartCitiesHelp and a photo and explanatory text.


REPLICATE Project: Initiatives during the COVID19 pandemic:

Regarding to the actions that our Lighthouse and Follower cities made, we decided to highlight the following ones:


San Sebastian:

In San Sebastian the police offered a service consisting on congratulate children for their birthdays through the window.



Our Lighthouse City Florence started a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of helping citizens in need: ‘Firenze per Firenze‘.



In our Lighthouse City Bristol, some initiatives have also been carried out with the aim of making lockdown easier for its citizens. ‘Can Do Bristol‘ is a network consisting on a volunteering network to support others.



The Follower City of Essen is giving instructions on how to sew your own protective masks. The content is available in many languages and you can find some other advices about how to protect yourself during the pandemic.



In our Follower City Nilüfer, initiatives have also been carried out to make lockdown easier for its citizens. Its City Council has been offering supplies (such as bread and medicine) to the people in need.



A surprise created by gardeners from the Follower City of Lausanne collects, in a gallery, photos of 120,000 flowers planted in the city. An initiative that can be enjoyed from home: visiting the city website or looking through the balcony.



Check #SmartCitiesHelp on Twitter and LinkedIn to discover what more actions helped to face the crisis of COVID19.