San Sebastian will host the European Smart Projects Summit the 26th-27th March 2019

European Lighthouse city of San Sebastian is organizing a European event were cities and experts across Europe will share experiences about the future of the Smart Cities.

During the first semester of 2019 Fomento San Sebastian, coordinator of the Replicate project, is chairing the coordination among the 14 lighthouse projects co-funded since 2015 within the H2020 programme from the European Commission, SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities call, these projects represent 40 lighthouse cities and 53 fellow cities focused on the transformation of the ecosystems in more smart and sustainable places. The EIP-SCC (European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities) and SCIS (Smart Communities Information System) also work in collaboration with the lighthouse projects.

Under this framework, the European Smart Projects Summit will be celebrated the next 26th and 27th March in San Sebastian.

The two-day event will consist on plenary sessions in the morning of the 26th March, with the participation of public authorities from San Sebastian, the European Commission and high-level speakers sharing their knowledge and vision about the smart cities. On the afternoon, 6 sessions will be held on specific topics of interest about the Smart Cities and their future showcasing the key aspects and trends in the different topics. These sessions will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the experience of four speakers in each session and to participate in the debate conducted by a moderator after each session. The sessions will cover topics such as funding the scalability of smart solutions or the transformation of districts on sustainable and smart buildings.

Study visits to the Smart District in San Sebastian will be done the 27th March in the morning, the Urumea Riverside District will be visited and the main actions will be shown and presented, sharing the impact and the lessons learnt. The exchange of experiences among different cities and projects will be fruitful.

The event will also be an opportunity to celebrate the first face to face meeting of the year among the Coordinators as well as the different Task Groups of the different 14 lighthouse projects in order to continue working on common actions. Fomento San Sebastian is organizing the event and invites all the smart community to take part on it.

Here attached the agenda and the registration will be opened soon.