San Sebastian pilot: Spanish smart cities meet in Bilbao to share experiences on sustainable urban development

Fomento San Sebastián, Project partner and coordinator, has presented REPLICATE and its main challenges and lessons learnt from the San Sebastian pilot.

Photo by Miguel Á. García@miggar85

On May 19th, the smart cities of Bilbao, Vitoria, Valladolid, Mogel and San Sebastian met in Bilbao to share their experiences with national and European stakeholders, and discussed how to make our cities more energy efficient and better places to live in.

Each of these cities is a pioneer in the European Union’s Smart Cities and Communities initiative, which has supported the rise of several pilot projects across Europe. Yet each city is different, and each project has its own story to tell. Sharing these experiences is crucial to inspire other cities and help them develop energy solutions that meet their own needs.

As published on EUGUGLE website.