EPLICATE lighthouse project organizes its annual review and General Assembly in the lighthouse city of Florence. Coordinated by Fomento San Sebastian, the 38 consortium members meet from 29th to the 31st of October to present the project progress of the last 12 months and to celebrate the 4th General Assembly.

The review of the project by the European Commission is being done on the 29th October which evaluates the progress of the project in the last 12 months. The project has finished most of the implementations in the three lighthouse cities of San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol and it is in monitoring phase.










A study visit is planned for the 30th October in the morning, to visit some of the actions deployed in the city and to share experiences among the partners. The visit includes the fast recharge and taxi app presentation, smart lighting and Smart City Control Room among others.

In the 30th October afternoon and during the next day, the General Assembly is celebrated. Different working groups are organized to continue the work done among the different work packages and partners. The project is currently working on the tasks oriented to the analysis of  the pilots´ initial business plans for the extension beyond SCC01 funding, the business opportunity validation, the replication plans in the lighthouse cities and the networking and experience sharing among the stakeholders of the lighthouse cities and follower cities, through the City to City Learning Programme ( The methodology for the impact evaluation of the ICT platforms is being assessed and the monitoring work package is currently working on the information gathering for the second monitoring report.

Having all the consortium together is a good opportunity to enhance the cross fertilization of the project and to maximize the outcomes of the cross-cutting activities. The 5th year and last year of the project starts on February 2020 and will be focused on the monitorization of the implementations and on the results of the cross-cutting activities that contribute to the project objectives.