Side Event at Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions Conference 2019


Societal, Research and Innovation Challenges in Integrated Planning and Implementation of Smart and Energy-efficient Urban Solutions

How to Support Local Governments in Italy and across Europe?


 10 December 2019

11.3018 local time

Venue: NOI Techpark Bolzano

Via A. Volta 13 A, Bolzano

This event is jointly organized by Urban Europe Research Alliance, JPI Urban Europe, the SET-Plan Action 3.2 on Positive Energy Districts, the Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulation of the Eu-ropean Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, SCC-01 project Smarter Together and STARDUST, European energy award, and Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe.

Its aim is to bring together a wide range of key stakeholders around integrated planning and implementa-tion of smart and energy-efficient solutions in cities, to discuss not only how the efforts to make cities more sustainable can be stepped up and bring about wider replication in the next years, but also which agenda for research and innovation should be defined in order to build more collective intelligence and transformative capacity supporting local governments, not only under Horizon Europe but also under na-tional Research and Innovation agendas and under JPI urban Europe’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2.0.

What can we learn from the experiences of lighthouse projects and similar projects? Which challenges do cities face, and which needs do fellow cities have? What withholds local urban ecosystems from replica-tion? How can we build and deploy collective evidence, and which preconditions need to be fulfilled for that? What can research partners learn from experiences in smart city projects? And last but not least, which messages should be delivered to the newly established mission boards regarding needed research and innovation on smart, decarbonised cities and climate change?

This event aims to collect key messages, not only for new policy agendas, but also for a highly ambitious research and innovation agenda centering around integrated approaches for planning and implementa-tion, which will be transferred to national policy makers and the Mission Board on Smart and Climate-neutral Cities and other relevant Mission Boards.


Opening session: “Setting the scene for Horizon Europe: European research and innovation policies for smart and energy efficient cities”

  • Georg Houben, Policy Officer, DG Energy Dir. C2, “Expression of interest for cities of excellence”
  • Jérome Boehm, Programme Manager Italy and Malta – DG Regio Dir G 4— “Future programming period, smart specialization strategies and urban innovation actions”


Plenary Session: “Innovative approaches to integrated planning and im-plementation of smart city solutions – real life examples from SCC01 lighthouse and JPI Urban Europe projects”

  • Etienne Vignali, Lyon Confluence, Project Manager Smarter Together, “Co-created smart city solutions in Vienna, Munich and Lyon: lessons learned and po-tential replication”
  • Adriano Bisello and Daniele Vettorato, EURAC, Project managers STARDUST and SINFONIA, “Innovative approach to integrated planning and implementation in lighthouse projects Trento and Bolzano”
  • Piero Pelizzaro, City of Milano, project manager (tbc)
  • Alessandra Barbieri, City of Firenze
  • Marc Dijk, Research fellow University of Maastricht, “SmarterLabs: living labs designed for replication”


Lunch break and networking opportunities


Panel discussion: “How can the uptake of smart sustainable city solu-tions be accelerated in the future?”

Panel discussion with Horizon2020 SCC-01 fellow cities on challenges, needs, and how to accelerate the market uptake of smart city solutions through practice, research and innovation
Marco Mordacci, city of Parma
Serena Pagliula, Project manager H2020 projects city of Lecce,
Venice and Bassano del Grappa
Moderated by Simona Costa, EIP Smart Cities and Communities, leader Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulations. And TOUR4EU


Plenary session: “Stepping up the efforts to create smart and sustainable cities in the near future by practice, research and innovation”

  • Judith Borsboom-van Beurden, Urban Europe Research Alliance(NTNU, “Be-yond the Smart City Guidance Package: how can better integrated planning and implementation contribute to stepping up the efforts?”
  • Christoph Gollner/Susanne Meyer, Collective transformative capacity building in the SET-Plan Action 3.2 and the JPI Urban Europe
  • Chiara Tavella/Mariadonata Bancher eea “Experiences gained from 20 years European Energy Award: standardised processes and learning communities”


Coffee break


Interactive sessions which highlight the main research topics in integrated planning and implementation, including financial possibilities

  • Session 1: Research and Innovation Collaboration for Smart Sustainable Cities: recommendations for Horizon Europe

Moderated by Judith Borsboom-van Beurden, Carmelina Cosmi and Paolo Nesi Uni-versity of Florence

Researchers from Smarter Together SCC-01 project, Tuscan Organisation of Universi-ties and Research for Europe, PrioritEE project

  • Session 2: Replication in Europe: how to build new projects for positive energy districts

Moderated by Simona Costa and Susanne Meyer

Upcoming calls in HorizonEurope, JPI Urban Europe and Urban Innovative Actions will offer new possibilities for replication of successfully implemented smart city solutions across Europe. What will it take to built new projects for Smart Cities and Positive En-ergy Districts and learn from the experiences in other projects?



  • Simona Costa and Georg Houben, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regula-tions/ TOUR4EU resp. NTNU/Urban Europe Research Alliance, “Conclusions and next steps”


Matchmaking for Calls of the JPI Urban Europe and the SET-Plan Action 3.2 PED Programme in 2020

This part of the programme is organised by Urban Europe Research Alliance and open to all participants. In the form of speed-dating, UERA members and other attendants will get to know each other and have the opportunity to start preparing ideas for the upcoming JPI-Urban Europe- ERANET-Cofund call on Positive Energy Districts, and other relevant calls, in particular Horizon 2020 and Urban Innovative Actions.