3rd SESSION – Go fast, go green, get connected: that’s smart!


3rd session Florence



Slot 1: Fast recharge (and e-taxi): an example of the e-mobility initiatives to deploy sustainable mobility in the city (lead by municipality and e-distribuzione)

Florence is the national e-capital. The strategy of a smart and sustainable city is based on topic suggested as relevant such as mobility. According to the SEAP, the baseline inventory has been showed that mobility is the most responsible for CO2 emissions: working on mobility means working on health and sustainable society city and community. Facilitating the transfer from private to public transport is the main achievement. A sustainable public taxi fleet is one of the measures provided by the modernization of the network in Florence and provide the infrastructures is necessary together with the attitude to choose green counting also on tourism and city users.

Speakers: Giacomo Parenti, City Manager of Florence, Responsible for Replicate Project, Mirko Cocca, E-distribuzione for Replicate Project, Simone Naldini, App book&recharge, Mathema

Sector: Mobility

Stakeholders: City of Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Silfi (Public) E-distribuzione (Private), taxi associations (Private), hotels and accommodations (Private) Nissan (Private), Renault (Private), University of Florence (Academia), CNR (Academia) and Mathema (Etrepr/Act)


Slot 2: E-recharge system to move towards a sustainable community and city

With around 200 recharging public points, multivendor system spread all over the city Florence is leading the transition towards low impact public and private transport system (we want people to move and to come to Florence but with low environmental local impact).

Speakers: Giuseppe Carone, Head of the e-mobility Office Municipality of Florence, Di Giacinto Francesco, Enel X

Sector: Mobility

Stakeholders: City of Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Silfi (Public), Enel X (Private), Companies Mobility Managers (Private), E-cars sellers (Private), University of Florence (Academia) and CNR (Academia)


Slot 3: Smart City Platform

Florence is testing and improving the smart city platform for monitoring the city. The new governance model that put together all the services provided in the city bringing together the services providers, municipality, utilities and private one, is the win-win strategy at the bases of the innovative smart city platform system

Speakers: Sara Naldoni, smart city Office at CISPEL, Gianluca Vannuccini, IT Manager City of Florence, Paolo Nesi, Chief of DISIT Lab at University of Florence

Sector: ICT

Stakeholders: City of Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Silfi and all the Utilities (Public), National Association of Municipalities (Public), other National Smart Cities lighthouses and followers (Public), Global service provider AVR (Private), Thales (Private), Cispel (Private) and University of Florence (Academia)