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All topics regarding the three fields of excellence: Energy Efficient Buildings, Mobility and ICT

REPLICATE aims to develop a sustainable City Business Model intothe three lighthouse cities, providing solutions to increase resource and energy efficiency.   San Sebastian Energy Efficiency Actions   More about the Lead City San Sebastian RETROFITTING: 156 dwellings + 34 commercial premises distributed along 10 doorways, totalizing 18.350 m². Savings: 56% […]

Excellence in Integrated Energy

REPLICATE also deploys new sustainable and cost-effective services based on a new ICT model for Smart Cities, intelligent lighting systems with LED technology and the deployment of high-speed mobile wireless network based on postWIMAX technology.   San Sebastian ICT and Infrastructure Action   ICT Smart City Platform: Gather IT Local […]

Excellence in ICT and Infrastructures

REPLICATE implements sustainable mobility by integrating EVs, recharging systems and Information Mobility Systems.   San Sebastian Sustainable Mobility Actions   61 FEVs: 3 Electrical Buses + 2 Hybrid Buses / 20 E Motorbikes / 12 EV Taxis /12 EV Private Cars. 77 Charging Points: 12 Charging Stations / 15 Slow […]

Excellence in Mobility