Energy Efficient Buildings

One target of REPLICATE is to reach thermal energy consumption savings in the districts’ buildings.


 San Sebastian Energy Efficiency Actions



156 dwellings + 34 commercial premises distributed along 10 doorways, totalizing 18.350m2

Saving: 56%.

District Heating:

Cogeneration Plant with a gas boiler (2600kW) and A biomass boiler (1200kW) that will be complemented by heat recovery from the nearby wastewater treatment plant.

Saving: 35%.

Smart Grid And Demand Side Platform:

Let residents monitor how they are using their heating and understand better how they savings can achieve, and it will be integrated into the general DSM system/platform designed.

  Florence Energy Efficiency Actions



300 dwellings distributed across 20.000m2 with an actual consumption of 2,6 MWht and 500 Mwhe.

SAVING: 50%.

District Heating:

CHP integrated with a solar plant set on on the roofs Thermal energy storage (TES).

SAVING: benefits for tenants of more than the 10% of their actual energy bills with relevant results in terms of energy and emission savings.

Smart Grid and Demand Side Platform:

Use of innovative solutions that will make possible advanced functionalities for the remote monitoring and control of equipment in primary and secondary substations; the implementation of advanced automation functionalities to reduce the outages of the network; the regulations of voltage and the control of the loads according to the needs of the network.

Bristol Energy Efficiency Actions


Building Retrofitting:

240 households (approximately 20.400m2).

District Heating System:

Biomass boiler will be installed the Easton area of Bristol as part of a district heating proposal to connect a primary school, leisure center and five social housing blocks with the option of increasing to seven blocks.

SAVING: 16%.

Smart Grid and Demand Side Platform:

Home automation units will be installed in 240 households. Home automation units will enable new innovative services- 240 households fitted with smart meters and home automation units.